by Ethos



Evergreen is an acoustic EP released September 10th, 2013 featuring music from "Vessels" along with a new single, "Evergreen."


released September 13, 2013



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Ethos Atlanta, Georgia

Ethos is an American rock band from Rome, Georgia. Known for their fusion of heavy rock riffs, classical piano, syncopated rhythms, and melodic vocals, the group exhibits a technically rich yet accessible rock sound. Ethos explores songwriting through the power of impression and are fascinated with music’s inherent ability to affect emotions, giving them an innovative edge that demands attention. ... more

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Track Name: Evergreen (Acoustic)
Day by day with no horizon
Searching helpless for the answers
I could hardly see you fading away
Right in front of my eyes
I almost lost you

Living in a daydream
I never saw the truth
Living in a daydream
And now I see the proof

Your love is pure like a spring
So I'll dig a well and drink deep
My heart is buried between
The roots of the evergreen
Constant though seasons may change

All I wanted was to carry
Everything you never told me
All while something invisible
Lied through your teeth
As it whittled your bones
I almost lost you

If my lips confess
The weight of my crimes
Would you take the time
To rewire my mind
I wish you'd press rewind
So I could feel what all those
Nights were like with new gravity
Track Name: The Rift (Acoustic)
No matter what you take
You’ll never fill that black hole in you.
It seems a shame you’d dam
The spring that gave you life.
But I won’t cave in.

You wage war with quiet voices,
But you ignore the screaming in your head.

No matter what you say
You’ll always need a curse for a cure.
Your life a tower built
By you to tumble down.
But I won’t cave in.

All the world wants a sedative
But I wish God would shout loud enough to
Wake us up.
Wake us up again.

You sleep in a safe house.
I wish God would burn it to the ground.