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Ethos' debut album, “Vessels,” was independently released July 10th, 2012, featuring high energy, emotive music by integrating the classical, progressive, and alternative genres. The record was written and recorded during the greater part of 2011-2012, produced by Austen Earp, and mastered by Rodney Mills (Atlanta, GA).


released July 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Ethos Atlanta, Georgia

Ethos is an American rock band from Rome, Georgia. Known for their fusion of heavy rock riffs, classical piano, syncopated rhythms, and melodic vocals, the group exhibits a technically rich yet accessible rock sound. Ethos explores songwriting through the power of impression and are fascinated with music’s inherent ability to affect emotions, giving them an innovative edge that demands attention. ... more

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Track Name: Supernova (Prelude in A-minor)
Open up your eyes.
We’ve all been waiting to shed our disguise.
We’ll show you what the darkness hides.

Radiance bleeds through skin and bones.
I’m a vessel, I’m a nova, I’m a flood,
I’ll explode.

I’m not a fake, I’m just possessed by
Demons and pestilent thoughts I detest.
They are the wolves posing as sheep
Don’t they remember we sow what we reap?

Clemency washes me clean
As it flows through my bloodstream
And I’m falling apart.
I’m just the shell of a man
With two rivals inside me
And only one heart.

It won’t be long now, heaven’s fractured
Hue will give surrender to the sun.

I know dawn will come and set our hearts on fire.
Track Name: Of Ridding the Parasites (Waltz in C-sharp minor)
I breathe you in
And like oxygen you spread
Through my veins and to my head.
Like a virus you seek to destroy me
And replace me with yourself.

Just before the twilight
We’ll scheme beneath the starlight
And by the time the morning comes

We’ll dance and sing a different melody
And we won’t stop ‘till our feet bleed.

I thought you were mine
But you became your own, love,
Numbed my flesh and bone
And you made my heart your home.

So tear off your veil
And meet me on the dance floor
‘Cause now I know who you are.
You’re a fake.

A new life begins.
A new life begins for us now.
Track Name: Echoes
Please forgive me, Dear,
I lost my mind.
For a moment there I had
Forgotten what you’re worth to me.

Believe me, I will love you.
Believe me, I will break through.

There are echoes, in our DNA,
From the sins of our fathers.
We hail from broken men;
The blood coursing through me is
Tainted, polluting the flawless
Beating in my chest.
I’m the sickest rose,
Waiting through winter’s cold
To taste the hint of spring
On your lips.
I’ll burn for you.

Don’t call me a martyr,
I’m nothing but a masochist
For sacrificing everything I am
For your benefit.
Along with the selfish satisfaction
That it brings to know
I’m losing myself in you.

Please forgive me, Dear,
I lost my mind.
As you laid there I killed you
With vacant, twisted promises.
My heart, though I long to share,
Bears a weight that I’m fearful could
Sink us like a millstone.
Still, I must confess
That the embers within me
Will ever burn for you alone.

We are reflections,
Shadows, infections,
Imperfect perfections
By resurrection.
Track Name: The Rift
You stay safe and quiet
And cast yourself to a frame.
Acquisition leaves you with nothing to claim.

No matter what you take
You’ll never fill that black hole in you.
It seems a shame you’d dam
The spring that gave you life.
But I won’t cave in.

You wage war with quiet voices,
But you ignore the screaming in your head.

No matter what you say
You’ll always need a curse for a cure.
Your life a tower built
By you to tumble down.
But I won’t cave in.

There’s a rift forming again
In my head between
Who I am and what I dream.

All the world wants a sedative
But I wish God would shout loud enough to
Wake us up.
Wake us up again.

You sleep in a safe house.
I wish God would burn it to the ground.
Track Name: I'm a Sailing Drifter, You're a Drifting Sailor (Barcarolle in G)
If you grow tired of my love
Release the string and let me
Float away out into the open sea.
There I will surely find some comfort
In the lullaby that God breathed into
The salty Ocean Breeze.

Waves will rock my to sleep
As the sirens sing their tune.
You may look to the stars
But I swear God’s inside of the moon.
And O, the tide draws me
Further out to sea.
The waves show my how to be free.

You’ve got your rudder but I’ve got the tide.
So darling, you’ll do what you do
And look to your sails but never the sky
Until come the storms when heaven will cry.
When stormy winds blow and bring out the cold
The thunder will roll but

After a fortnight I’ll sink in the reef
And I’ll make my grave in the deep.
But as I find peace in my watery tomb
The ocean feels more like a womb.
Track Name: Out of the Darkness
The vile thing inside your mind,
This guilt, it twists your thoughts and dreams.
It found us here and crept inside,
A monster, stronger than it seems.

If all the things that I have done
Were contrary to what I want
Then there must be a side of me
That wants to hang you on a tree.

Can you fall asleep?
Or are you restless
Dreaming of what you were?

We’re not alone, we’re not alone.
Show me the blameless and I’ll give you the stone.

O, God,
We’re sinking deeper into the mire.
My God, my savior, please take me higher.

I’ve seen mercy conquer shame.
I’ve seen sinners turn to saints.
Track Name: Vessels (Allegro in C-sharp minor)
I know the sea.
I know mercy.

You came to me in a time of need.
But I was so selfish back then
And I tried to sail the other way
And save my own skin.

Out of the darkness
There came a light.

I found myself alone,
Running from you but now
I just want to come home.
I’ve been hiding for so long
But now I just want to be found.
I sank like an anchor in the sea
Of your endless mercy
And when I emerged
I was brand new.

I’ve got many tragedies in store.
I am not the man you knew before.

There’s not a place
I could hide from you.
There’s no exit, there’s no way out!

I’m a shipwrecked corpse to be abhorred
Swallowed by the ocean floor.
But because of, You whom I adore,
My heart aches to meet you on the shore,
You are not up in the clouds,
Shouting down from a throne.
I feel a tempest in me.
You’re the life inside these hollow bones.
You are the sunrise,
You are the seaside
I’m just a vessel afloat.
You’re not a pendant
Suspended from my neck
To fasten and cause me to choke.

There’s not a place I could hide
Where I could escape from your grace like the tide.